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Joblessness warrants Tacky-like revolt

Published:Saturday | January 19, 2013 | 12:00 AM


Old people say, "Idle jackass carry cane trash go a pound."  I am living in the parish of St Mary and I'm ashamed to see the youths on the roadside daily having no work. Their daily activities are playing card bingo, drop pan, and doing Mugabe.

Can a country achieve its true potential with the younger generation uneducated, unskilled and jobless? What is the Government doing to alleviate this chronic problem? Or is it better to lead a country with uneducated youths so they can be kept in ignorance and poverty?

I am warning the Government that it is breeding criminals. If Tacky were alive now, he would lead a struggle for the jobless youths of St Mary.


Annotto Bay PO, St Mary