Wed | Apr 25, 2018

Time for a tax strike!

Published:Saturday | January 19, 2013 | 12:00 AM


I wish to join the revolt suggested by a morning talk-show host, who proposes that until the Government can prove that it is not wasting the taxes that we already pay, WE should not agree to any additional taxation proposed in the next Budget.

In fact, I support his idea that we should seriously look at the possibility of action under the Charter of Rights for recovery of the tax misspent or wantonly squandered, as shown in this recent report of the auditor general! I'm prepared to make a contribution to the cost of such action.

We need the Government to report to the nation on what steps it plans to take to fix the problems identified by the AG before new tax measures are announced. This should be done in the same format as the AG's report; should explain what happened; why it happened; and say what steps will/have been taken to prevent a recurrence.

This is a normal requirement of every business that is audited, and CEOs can lose their jobs if the same thing happens the next year!

This brings me to my next bellyache, which is that there seems to be little or no joined-up planning in the ministries and, for that matter, in the overall business of running our country. This brings to mind the saying that companies/governments don't plan to fail; they fail to PLAN!

Till we get this right, we will not be able to have a prosperous country where our governments and those who work in the civil service and other government organisations are held accountable for their stewardship.