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Published:Sunday | January 20, 2013 | 12:00 AM



Your glare, how it burns when it hits my skin,

Your eyes show the desires you have welled up within.

You make me uneasy with the intensity of your stare,

As of my physique you make me know you are aware.

A simple glance of appreciation would do,

Because then I could have given a smile that says "thank you".

But when I have to become the main focus of your attention,

And your smile says nothing that you are just making a notion.

It gives me the creeps because I can only but imagine what your thoughts are,

You look me up and down with a smirk that makes me glad I am afar.

What happened to subtle appreciation of woman's curves?

It's as if I have been captured by a ravenous beast that can't wait to be served.

Now I am very alert and grateful for the needed space that is put between us,

As my heart tries to settle the fear of what could transpire if there was no one else but us.

I should soon be glad as I realise I am out of the reach,

Of that intense glare that makes my skin crawl and my heart weak.

I am then reminded that through this town I was just passing,

As out of reach I am now, while in the comfort of home I am now basking.

- Marion S. Maragh

Insanity not to be revisited

Man-Man in V.S. Naipaul's

Miguel Street

ALWAYS ran for elections

He always got 2 votes

The author could understand:

Man-Man would vote for himself

but who voted for Man-Man the village mad man ...

When Man-Man proclaimed himself to be Christ and heaved and hoisted himself to the cross with assistance from the crowd of course

And said "Stone Me Brethren"

He was not to mad to feel the pelting rocks

And utter in response expletives

But where was the insanity

Did they believe him to be Christ and therefore not human?

What was their excuse ... ?

They were insanely mad to stone him

is this some kind of

mob relief brutality?

Where is the madness?

Not to be revisited

That is why Man-Man

The Village Mad Man always had

One Vote in His Corner

- Helen-Ann Wilkinson

Yuh remember?

Yuh remember?

When you just lef country come a town

And yuh feel like a farin, and when dem talk bout it

Yuh did feel like a clown

Di xcitement yuh did feel, mi did wanda if it did real.

Yuh remember?

When yuh did just baptise

And all a yuh wicked ways dem yuh did tek time a realise

The Bible everyday yuh did waa read, to get up to God speed.

Now like a dog all a di Jamaica oman dem yuh waa breed

Yuh remember?

When yuh use to pray an fast

John 3:16, look like to yuh it lass

Now all yuh duh wid di oman dem is play an fass

Yuh remember?

When yuh just get yuh first car

An a ongle yuh an God use to par

Now ova some ediat jewellery and electronics yuh a war

Like a junkie, yuh need fi stop drink and come outa di bar

Yuh remember?

When yuh use to sleep wid yuh door open

Because people neva use to teef den

Now all yuh grill dem waa cut in

Tek yuh mada, sista, granny and even yuh gyaabige bin

Yuh remember?

Our fourth Prime Minista

No doubt him neva was a tricksta

Work fi what yuh want was his mata

Introduce maternity leave

Di man di wuk, him did affi pull up in sleeve

Yuh remember?

When outa door did use to sweet

Wid skate and cyaat a duh road, yuh use to dweet

Now ina house yuh lock up wid yuh lappy pan Facebook unda yuh sheet

Yuh remember?

When yuh neva have running wata

And yuh did affi walk all di way dung a one riva

Use di buckit pan yuh head wid di catta

Yuh remember?

When di Olympic race dem, yuh use to come sehcan

To di Americans, and now a just fuss yuh a come

Run weh leff Gatlin, di Gay and even dem Spearman

Yuh remember?

When yuh neva did a wuk

Walk up and dung wid yuh pockit bruck

And now yuh get di doe

Yuh a hype, yuh dirty colours dem yuh a show

Yuh remember where yuh coming from?

Yuh remember?

Yuh remember?

- Daron Chosen Smith

That Same Old Familiar Line

After we dance, I think there's a chance that you might want to spend a little more time with me.

And so I'm trying to find some new words to say to you before the evening is through.

But even with my best effort, I still can't come up with something nicer to say than 'I love you'.

I sure hope you won't mind me repeating that same old familiar line, the one that people in love often say.

For I know that when I get closer to you, I'll simply end up saying, 'Baby, I love you'.

I want to tell you something sweeter than anything that you've ever heard before.

But I guess there's just nothing sweeter to say to a very special person than 'I love you'.

And that same old familiar line is what I'm depending on tonight to capture your precious heart.

- Marlon Pitter

Sleep Hates Me

I can't understand why you should elude me so

I am not aware of when I might have betrayed you for you to up and go

Night after night I await your arrival to usher me into a sweet place

But more and more am I convinced of your recent dislike for me

As you stay away nights at a time

And when I call you leave me hanging

I am ready to make amends because without you I am on edge

I miss your caress and your embrace

The lull of your presence that rejuvenates my soul

I want you to come back and take control

I want to make right whatever wrongs there are

As I long for your love to be rekindled with mine once more

So I beg you to come back home as I long for your hold that is long and deep

As I prepare to enter a blissful sleep

- Marion Maragh