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Straights vs corners

Published:Sunday | January 20, 2013 | 12:00 AM
Doug Gore
Peter Rae
A Volkswagen Golf (left) and a Subaru Impreza WRX do drag battle along a straightaway at JamWest Speedway in Little London, Westmoreland.-File

Top drivers compare JamWest, Dover

Glenroy Sinclair, Assignment Coordinator

Though they enjoy the ambience of the new racing facilities at the JamWest race circuit in Little London, Westmoreland, some of the country's top circuit racers have vowed to continue to showcase their skills at the 1.6-mile long Dover Raceway, St Ann.

"I have never raced at JamWest, but based on information from colleagues it is a much faster and better track than Dover," argued Robert Bayley, one of the drivers who competes at Dover regularly.

While he has no immediate plans to stop racing at the 24-year-old St Ann-based track, Bayley stressed that some sections of the Dover Raceway need resurfacing.

"Some sections are too smooth," commented Bayley, who was comparing the two tracks.

Doug Gore believes the 1.8-mile long JamWest track best suits his Audi TT. "Yes, JamWest suits the Audi because of the long straightaway, but we will continue to race the car at Dover," said Gore, who spoke with Automotives from Germany, where he has gone to test drive the Audi TT.

"It has been snowing since I arrived here in Kempten, which is located near the border of Germany and Austria," said Gore.

He said the Audi is set to return to Jamaica next month and make its debut at the JamWest track in March. "They have installed a brand new engine, the body is also new, likewise the interior. We took it to the dyno and everything seems to be fine," said Gore.

According to the informed Peter Rae, the 13 challenging corners at the Dover Raceway present a "stop-and-go-like situation", while the flat and fluid corners at Jam West enhance speed.

"The JamWest track is really fast and for me is scary at times," commented Rae.

Another driver, Nigel Edwards, of Brown's Town, St Ann, argues that it is more economical to race at Dover than JamWest. "Because of the challenges of the track, the Dover circuit impacts your car more. But I will continue to race there because it is nearer to home," said Edwards, who competes in the Bracket 32 and MP3 Classes using a 1991 GTI Golf.

This is the car that Doug Gore used to make his debut at JamWest recently.

Veteran motorsport organiser, Hilary Jardine, said despite the differences noted by the drivers, everything depends on how they adjust their cars for the respective tracks. "It all depends on how the car is set up. You have to make the adjustments to suit the track. I love what JamWest is doing. All that needs to happen is for the operators of Dover and JamWest to work together and that will grow the sport," said Jardine.

JamWest is located in the farming community of Old Hope, which lies between Savanna-la-Mar and Little London,. The track officially opened its doors to circuit and drag racing last month.