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Exciting 2013 beckons for No-Maddz

Published:Tuesday | January 22, 2013 | 12:00 AM
Everaldo Creary, Sheldon Shepherd, Oneil Peart, and Chris Gordon of No-Maddz hang out backstage Rebel Salute on Friday night. - Photo by Carl Gilchrist

Encouraged by the United States (US) distribution deal recently struck with ARRAY Distribution for the movie Better Mus' Come, in which they appear, and following a wonderful performance on Rebel Salute on Friday night, members of No-Maddz are excited.

"Exciting things a go happen. 2013 ah di year," said Oneil Peart, who along with Sheldon Shepherd, Everaldo Creary and Chris Gordon make up the band.

"We're hoping the US deal will impact us in a great way," Peart added.

"It's US, they are good at marketing, and as they do that, there will be more interest in the actors, and when there is more interest in the actors, the group will come into play."

Shepherd and Creary appear in the film, the former winning a Best Actor award at the American Black Film Festival for his role as Ricky.

But music is just as important, reflecting on the night's performance. Peart said it all went well.

"It was great tonight, a good crowd, great fi No-Maddz. First time on the show, yuh see wha mi a seh, the audience love it, dem enjoy it, dem go thru wid it, so give thanks."

just reward

A successful 2013 for No-Maddz would be just reward for the group that started more than 10 years ago while they were at school at Kingston College during a time when it was a struggle to keep the band afloat.

"Bwoy, it nuh easy fi maintain a band yuh nuh, but a long time No-Maddz de bout, from KC days, from dem long time deh and wi just a dweet and we jus a stick together and work pon di sound til' we get it to a little level. So give thanks, we love that!"

The No-Maddz journey will continue in February, as they are scheduled to appear on the Jamaica Recording Industry Association show.

They continue to work on new projects as they prepare for a summer tour overseas.

- Carl Gilchrist