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Published:Tuesday | January 22, 2013 | 12:00 AM
Anthony Atkinson
Trevor Ebanks
Sharon Foster
Terieca Bernard
Dennis Marsh

With US President Barack Obama's second inauguration, many people, including some Jamaicans, will be expecting big things from him. So we asked:

If there is one thing you would want the US to do for the benefit of Jamaica in Obama's second term, what would it be?

Sharon Foster, Manchester

It's to make it easier for Jamaicans to get a United States visiting visa and residence visa because the present policies are much too strict. The process also takes too long in the case of the residence visa.

Anthony Atkinson, St James

President Barack Obama could help us by writing off some of our debts so we can be free of paying back so much money. Secondly, I think he could further open up the door to more trading with the United States as I think that would help put Jamaica on the right footing.

Trevor Ebanks, Kingston

I don't think
the US can help us. Only Jamaicans can come together and work it out. I
don't think we should be looking to other countries to solve our

Terieca Bernard, St Catherine

one thing I would like to see the United States do for the benefit of
Jamaica in Obama's second term would be to help to stabilise the dollar.
When the dollar goes up, the price of everything increases and right
now the economy is in disarray, so if we can get help to stabilise the
dollar that would be good.

Dennis Marsh, Portland

believe the US should make the effort to create employment
opportunities for Jamaican nationals. They (US) should revisit the
six-month programme, which created jobs for many Jamaicans in the past. I
also believe that Rastafarians should be given an opportunity to
capitalise on this initiative, as for too long we have been the scourge
of society. Rejected and forgotten are the adjectives used when
describing us. Should this be done, it would alleviate some of our
economic and financial difficulties.