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Small's rant elitist, classist

Published:Tuesday | January 22, 2013 | 1:00 AM


Hugh Small is a man that I like. In fact, you could say I admire(d) him, but the article with statements purported to have come from him in The Sunday Gleaner ('Doomsday ahead?', January 20, 2013) were disappointing and uncalled for!

It smacked of elitism, sexism, classism and any other negative ism you can think of.

When Mr Small went out of his way to declare the current PNP "administration as intellectually incapacitated", who was he pandering to?

What vitriol, what chauvinism, what hateful words, what snobbery, malice, harsh judgement and spite!

Obviously, Mr Small thinks that the men of his ilk - Manley, Patterson, et al - are made from higher stock, and greater intellectual worth than the current party leader!!

Tearing down the PNP or the JLP or the business community, or bitching about Jamaica not signing an IMF deal in a stated time, is so irresponsible and immature.

Jamaica needs responsible, positive, thoughtful, committed commentary from those with high intellectual DNA.


Kingston 10