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Jamaican evangelist in NY prays for Obama's success, safety

Published:Thursday | January 24, 2013 | 12:00 AM
Marleen Sinclair-Savage - Contributed

Fern Whyte, Gleaner Writer

Manhattan, New York:

Among the thousands of people who celebrated United States President Barack Obama's historic second inauguration on Monday were New Yorkers of Jamaican descent, the majority of whom backed him in the presidential election last November.

The excitement that Obama's first inauguration brought four years ago was subdued this time around, but several organisations planned viewing parties all over the city. Federal workers had the day off, but for many others, it was a normal workday.

On the upper-west side of Manhattan, Jamaican nursing aides Marleen and Lorraine were busy tending to their elderly patients' needs. They, however, kept an eye on network television as they viewed live pictures of the events as they unfolded at the presidential inauguration in Washington, DC. Both women are admirers of the president and first family.

Lorraine declined to comment, but Marleen was happy to share her feelings.

In congratulating the president on his election victory, Marleen, an evangelist in her church, said she was praying not just for a successful second term for Obama, but also for his safety.


Among her greatest hopes is that common ground, which the president anticipated but never received in this first term, be found this time around.

"I am praying for a more united Congress," she said.

Marleen also thought it was significant that Obama was taking the oath of office on Bibles used by President Abraham Lincoln and civil-rights leader Martin Luther King Jr.

"I am hoping that the president will acknowledge God so that He can direct his path."