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Published:Thursday | January 24, 2013 | 12:00 AM


Below are responses by readers on to yesterday's lead story 'Scam for Congress - US lawmakers contemplate discussing Jamaican con artists at highest legislative level'.

Blaming gov't

As usual, the politicians are the target of your misplaced venom. Isn't it the scammers, who are "dragging down Jamaica" in this situation? Why not appeal to these low lives? People like to blame government/politicians for just about everything and, in a lot of cases, have first-hand knowledge of the identity of some of these criminal or perpetrators, yet do nothing to report them to the relevant authorities.

Jeff cherry

Reap what we sow

When someone else has to clean up the mess in your own yard, it does make you look bad. Terrible to be honest ... Things like this drive investment away from Jamaica. You think getting an American visa was hard? Try again ... We reap what we sow.


Educate US citizens

The US also needs to launch a programme, educating its citizens, particularly the vulnerable elderly , about these types of frauds . The matter is obviously an urgent one, and awaiting corrective action from the source is a slow process. In the interim, more damage is done. Similar to the unending ' drug war', fighting this scourge at the source will be effectively futile, as its practitioners will simply change the venue. Therefore, it's best to address the behavioural tendencies of the affected citizenry; the resulting change will be more sustainable and at lower costs.


Involve police

I do hope that, in the process, the involvement of the police force is not overlooked.


Law late

The lottery scam has been going on for more than five years, why did it take so long to get the laws passed. Such incompetence!


Out-of-touch politicians

This is what happens when we send these out-of-touch politicians to Parliament. Because if they knew what their jobs were they would pass effective laws to protect the Jamaican state, it's interest and people. It's about time our politicians make up their minds as to where their interest lie. They either defend law and order or they can resign their post as the people's representatives, but they can't sit there in Parliament and fiddle around while Jamaica is destroyed.


US driving

I'm sure it is the United States who is driving this new anti-scamming legislation. I can't see Jamaica being proactive in this manner.

Kevin R

DPP, police must act

Most people are blaming the politicians for crimes in Jamaica, if they cannot recognise the source of problem, they will not find a solution to any crimes. The public should understand that the laws are on the books and if the politicians or Joe Public breaks the laws it is the duty of the JCF investigation branch, the DPP and the courts to pursue charge against them. These departments are independent of the politicians, they are professionals, and they are failing to enforce the laws. This is what is emboldening the Jamaican con artist. Don't expect the politicians to charge themselves and Joe Public and put their cases in the courts, it won't happen.


Over the years, do you think the Government has done enough to address Jamaica's water woes?

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@readerfilife: No, with all the rivers and bountless supply of water in Jamaica, coupled with technology, every home should have running water.

@OneilBryce: No, they don't. This island is of many rivers and streams, we should be able to manage this special commodity far better.

@Mykie_E: Neither administration has improved on infrastructure to mitigate against issues such as these. We are frozen in the '70s!

@Peddiespice: They haven't done enough to address any of the country's woes... only their own, from their pension to their pay...

@goodgoodprod: Gov't only take out and don't put in.