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Ity and Fancy Cat raise the spirits and the pockets

Published:Wednesday | January 30, 2013 | 12:00 AM
Craig Barrett and Kevon Richards were unstoppable as they paired up to entertain the audience at Laugh for Charity at Donway Village in Montego Bay.
Ity and Fancy Cat look into the crowd at Laugh for Charity held in Montego Bay. - Photos by Sheena Gayle

Sheena Gayle, Gleaner Writer

Western Bureau:

The spirit of philanthropy received a huge boost in Montego Bay when the comedic duo Ity and Fancy Cat performed for Laugh for Charity at Donway Village to assist Farm Primary and Junior High School purchase educational equipment.

Responding to an appeal from the school about the need for a computer lab to enhance the learning process, the Events Management Class at University of the West Indies Western Campus organised the entertainment event that served as a school project and fundraising initiative.

The two-hour comedic session that featured the likes of Dwight 'Elmo' Samuels, Herbert Morrison Technical High School comedians Craig Barrett and Kevon Richards, along with Anastasia Irving, was a huge success and pointed out the need to have similar events in the resort town.


Being the opening act at Laugh for Charity offered Samuels, a Comedy Buss winner, an opportunity to set the tone for what patrons could expect throughout the night. He lived up to the expectations, and the uncontrolled outbursts of laughter confirmed his rise in the world of stand-up.

He continues to grow as an entertainer, reinventing his style and content, a fact that was evident when he made reference to customer appreciation events companies host each year.

"I can't understand this customer appreciation day that companies have every so often. Furniture and appliance company Courts treat customers to sandwiches and juice on customer appreciation day, but that no mek sense. Courts sell sandwich and juice?" he jokingly asked.

Anastasia Irving took the seriousness normally associated with dub poetry and made it into an expressive form of comedy that the capacity-filled Donway Village found quite amusing.

The dual personalities she presented in her performance showcased the mindset of Jamaicans from different socio-economic backgrounds. It was more than comedy, it had an enlightening effect.

The future of comedy in Jamaica is safe as Craig Barrett and Kevon Richards used good technique and witty composition in their dub poetry to score non-stop laughter throughout their performance.

The only disappointment with their interactive comedic act was that they did not have more time to treat patrons to an encore.

Patrons had to surrender to headliners Ity and Fancy Cat who had them under a spell of laughter.

There was no question that Montego Bay residents love the duo, as patrons refused to move from their seats until they saw the two in action.

Their 30-minute set was not enough for patrons, who demanded more even after an encore.