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Black Off-Spring puts 'Vibz' on Amazon

Published:Thursday | January 31, 2013 | 12:00 AM
Black Off-Spring - Photo by Mel Cooke

 Mel Cooke, Gleaner Writer

In the middle of November last year, Dwayne 'Black Off-Spring' Daley had some of the work he has done since 2008 put in electronic book form. Titled the Vibz Book of Poetry, the Streets of Gold production is available on

Having the text, he said, "was like a highlight within the journey, from all the stages, from where it begins. Amazon is like another level. I am going pro a bit".

Maxandra Manning is credited as editor, with Nathaniel Hay doing the front-cover illustration and Brian Thompson the back cover.

Streets of Gold is based in Portmore, St Catherine.

Black Off-Spring said the electronic book has eight pages with nine pieces, plus the introduction.

"I wanted to put some more but they said don't overdo it, it is the first time," he said.

The 30-year-old started writing eight years ago and says, "I have a passion for it." Plus, he said, "I view it as a business, I view it as a job". However, Black Off-Spring noted that "I am in the beginning stages. I am honing my craft, staying with it, working on it and going forward".

The titles give an indication of a particular piece's content. Among them are 'Girlfriend', 'Mental Slavery', 'Rose', and 'Love & Hate'. Black Off-Spring said part of the intention behind his writing is to "stay positive".

"Through my writing you can feel my energy," he said. "I am my product and my product is me ... . My writing is about a reality check."

There are plans to record some of his pieces this year and, looking forward, Black Off-Spring said "it is about putting in the work and where it takes me". The physical book, he said, is "under construction for the summer".