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Published:Thursday | January 31, 2013 | 12:00 AM


Below are reactions from readers on to Tuesday's lead story - Arrest Errant Gays

Protect all

The government is duty-bound to protect all citizens from harm, even while incarcerated for alleged or convicted crimes. ALL CITIZENS. Furthermore, what we are failing to see here is that often these jailed homosexuals are children and they should not be jailed with the adult population.

- maskedbabe

Do the time

If they commit crime then they do the time, just like everyone else. If it is that being in prison with the general population will act as a deterrent for them whenever they consider breaking the law, they will not want to commit crime, given consequences.

- kc

Parents accountable

Parents should be held accountable if they knowingly just tossed their underage boy child out to the mercy of the streets, just because they found out what their sexual orientation is and for which they may not agree with. These children get mixed up with their homosexual peers and we are now dealing with the problem. Their behaviour issue and the destruction of properties ... to their nuisance to residents should not be tolerated. I am on the side of the law, who ever breaks the law, if you do the crime then you should do the time, whatever the age.

- Jay WBryan

Missing the problem

Obviously, you may have to arrest people who are disturbing the peace. But it seems people are missing the genesis of the problem. It is the homophobia in society that has contributed to the problem of homeless young homosexuals who often faced rejection by their own families. One person reported that he was kicked out of Sunday school because he 'looked' like a homosexual. Now you tell me, how would he get around the 'look' he was born with? It is clear discrimination.

- jamjedi

Law-abiding gays

Sure, there are law-abiding gays living in Jamaica and being productive citizens. Laws of the land just simply need to be upheld. The only special treatment here should be, if you abide by the law you are free, otherwise you are jailed.

- KD

Adult delinquency

These homosexuals are a disgrace both morally, spiritually and otherwise. Therefore, I am not surprised that these individuals are now a textbook case of ADULT delinquency. These 'people' should be locked up and the keys thrown away. Even JFLAG has disowned them. Just another decline in morals that we can chalk up to the constant emulation of the poor American value and morals system.

- Briana

Police to protect

The reality is that the police have a responsibility for the safety of any one who is arrested. If they are injured while in their care they will be held liable. Sadly, this is the major challenge they face.

- Teddybearja