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Library's free computer service a big help

Published:Saturday | February 2, 2013 | 12:00 AM
Students of the Rollington Town Primary School learning how to use an Internet search engine in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Library's computer lab.- File


In these challenging days of financial difficulties, where money is so hard to come by, for many people, I must give credit to the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Library for giving the public such a grand privilege, of using the computers free of cost. And many people are benefiting significantly from this act of kindness.

There are many libraries in Jamaica, but how many of them are offering free access to computer service, especially to the less fortunate?

There are young people and senior citizens who have done computer courses, and have gained a little knowledge about using the computer; but unfortunately, they cannot afford to buy their own computer or laptop because of financial difficulties.

On the other hand, many of us cannot afford to pay Internet fees, on a monthly basis.

Let us face the facts - and we don't have to feel embarrassed: Many Jamaicans are struggling to find bus fare and lunch money, as they travel to and from work. Therefore, getting a little gratis in using the computer is a marvellous privilege for us.

Desktop computers and laptops are expensive, and some Internet cafés are charging very high fees for access. Some places are charging $150 to $200 or more for an hour.

The big question I would like to ask is this: What would many of us do if the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Library was not giving free service to the public? I say a big thank you to the library for such a gracious favour.

Keep up the good work!

Donald J. Mckoy