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St Hugh's High student faces death threat

Published:Saturday | February 2, 2013 | 12:00 AM

THERE WAS panic at St Hugh's High School yesterday as men allegedly threatened the life of a student.

Police sources say four men in a motor car drove up beside the student and threatened to shoot her, saying they also knew where she lived. The Gleaner understands the student reported the matter to school officials who then sent students home earlier than usual.

The Gleaner was also told frightened students called their parents and guardians to pick them up. The police further report that the school's Camp Road gate was closed, and all traffic was directed through the Leinster Road entrance off Marescaux Road.

When contacted yesterday, vice-principal Jennifer Murray said the principal was not in office and had left instructions about speaking on the incident.

"We have no comment until she comes back," she said. The Gleaner was directed to call back on Monday. This incident comes two days after Haile Selassie High student Shariefa Saddler was abducted and murdered while on her way to school. Also on Wednesday, four-year-old Rushaun Burford was shot dead in Allman Town.

Minister orders investigation

Education Minister Ronald Thwaites confirmed he had heard of the latest incident and had ordered investigations to begin. Citing the recent attacks on children, Thwaites said, "You can understand why everybody would be nervous." He felt school officials acted appropriately in taking precaution.

"I have no criticisms of the judgement of the school given the difficult circumstances," he said. "I just want to encourage everyone to help us be vigilant and, at the same time, to settle down and help us get back to the substance of learning as best we can." Thwaites said he expected to get a report by the weekend.