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Royolyn Genus: Rooting for accountability

Published:Saturday | February 2, 2013 | 12:00 AM
Royolyn Genus

Joseph Crichton, Gleaner Writer

Western Bureau:

With his genius in building a reputation of accountability already attracting much commendation, 21-year- old Royolyn Genus hopes that this positive trend will follow him into a professional career in business.

As the treasurer for the Guild of Students' campus committee at the University of the West Indies, Mona-Western Jamaica Campus, his responsibilities include being in charge of the financial affairs of the committee, keeping proper records of all cash and non-cash transactions, authorising spending, and also seek funding for the committee's activities.

"One of the most crucial characteristics of a treasurer, in my opinion, is honesty and accountability, and I think this goes well with the type of person that I am," said Genus.

Genus, who is a management studies student, said he saw himself as an honest and trustworthy individual.

"I see myself as an honest individual that persons can trust," he said. "Also, being an accounts major, accountability has always been at the root of what is being taught - from my time at Cornwall College until now."

According to Genus, being the treasurer for his campus committee does not affect his social and academic life as he saw his duties as treasurer as an avenue to put into action some of the things that he has learnt.


On the other hand, Genus rather likes the perks that accompany the post since they allow him to have firsthand insight into the affairs of certain activities at the institution and some decisions that affect the school population.

"Student leaders should never forget the reason they were placed where they are," said Genus. "They must, therefore, carry out their duties effectively and with due care, knowing that their decisions will affect the ones who they lead.

"They must, therefore, do their utmost with the aim that their impact will be positive," added Genus.