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From cash for gold to the studio

Published:Sunday | February 3, 2013 | 12:00 AM
Dotta Coppa (right) and The Rizzing. - Contributed

Curtis Campbell, Gleaner Writer

Patrick 'Roach' Samuels, platinum-selling dancehall producer, in a recent Gleaner interview, said music was not a regular 9-5.

His statement suggested up-and-coming recording artistes would have to find regular jobs to support themselves until they achieve success in music.

This must have been the case for 2006 Tastee Talent trail runner-up, The Rizzing.

The artiste, who hails from Spanish Town told The Sunday Gleaner he thought his career would have skyrocketed after the competition.

However, instead of musical success he found himself hustling on the streets of Spanish Town.

"Coming out of the competition, I thought five years' time I would be one of the big names in reggae music but I did not have a production team so I had to find my way out of the struggle on my own. When the competition was just over I had some road shows that Tastee had organised with Richie B, then I went to House of Hits Records in Spanish Town but it's like my songs never went out. I guess they wanted to work with artistes with bigger names," The Rizzing said.

After enduring much difficulty in achieving that elusive recording contract, The Rizzing decided to retire from music and try his hands at something else - he hit the streets.

"I had my children to feed so I knew I had to look something to do in order to support them, so I went on the street and hustled because as a real father mi haffi support my youth. I used to sell clothes. Then I became a phone technician and I lived from that for a while. Then I got involved in the cash-for-gold trade," he

According to the artiste, the cash-for-gold
trade is a very lucrative though difficult job. There are times the job
may even lead to embarrassment.

"On the streets, the
first problem is the sun hot every day. Plus a nuff man a sell and buy
gold so competition stiff. Plus some persons don't trust the vendors, so
that makes it challenging to buy gold. More time, a one person will
shame yuh but yuh haffi just know seh yuh nuffi trouble people and yuh
deal wid yuh customers fair. But despite that, mi did a mek some money
from the gold trade. My mind was on music because a music mi really love
- but a just because mi waah support mi youth dem," The Rizzing

The artiste believes talent shows should help
successful contestants to find camps to work with within the music
industry. In the meantime, he is trying to make it

"It would make it easier if these
talent shows put us in a camp and produce us or help to at least see
that we are developed before they move pass us, because it's not easy to
survive this industry without backative. But right now I am doing my
own thing. I was introduced to another young artiste name Dotta Coppa
and he has been an inspiration so I am now recording more songs and
getting better each day - I am leaving street hustling for good, it will
be music 1,000 per cent," he said.


The artiste has so far released two songs and
one music video for a single called Fi Da Year Yah,
which also features Dotta Coppa.

The single documents
part of his musical journey, including where he wants to take his music
in 2013.

The artiste also plans to reconnect with his
Tastee Talent Trail fans by creating music videos.

am very focused and I am doing positive music because if your message is
not positive it nuh mek sense yu duh music. I am doing music for the
entire world. I want even Christians to be able to listen to my songs.
It's not easy but once your music is good and positive people will
co-sign with you," The Rizzing said.

The Rizzing is
currently working with Koncept and Prince Villa records to catapult
himself to the next level.