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Pop your 'T'

Published:Sunday | February 3, 2013 | 12:00 AM
Paired with this electric blue pants, the aqua lace top is a winner. Check the matching accessories. - Contributed Photo

DIY with Natalia Oh

This do-it-yourself (DIY) lace T-shirt costs less than $400 to make and took a little over an hour because I used my hand to sew. It would be much quicker and neater if you use a sewing machine. The key is to cut neatly and use matching thread. Wear it with jeans, jeggings, a maxi skirt, with a work suit or with linen pants for a weekend getaway.

  • Supplies

Round neck cotton T-shirt (Bought at Maxi's Department Store $200)

1 yard stretch lace fabric in matching colour


Needle and thread


  • Method

Cut off sleeves of T-shirt without cutting off seam. Cut open T-shirt sleeves to form as a pattern.

Pin the pattern on top of lace fabric then cut out fabric to form your sleeves.

Lay lace over front of T-shirt. Cut out and sew front on top of T-shirt (make sure to do this step before adding sleeves).

Finally, sew on lace sleeves.