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Abortion creating a global vacuum

Published:Monday | February 4, 2013 | 12:00 AM
Steve Lyston

Steve Lyston, Contributor

Globally, we are crying out for visionaries and righteous leaders in various sectors to solve the issues that now exist globally. But most of the problems that need to be solved globally have occurred as a result of the vacuum created by abortion. God created each person to bring solutions to issues that He knew would arise as a result of man's selfishness.

As is revealed in the scriptures - Jeremiah 1: 5, Galatians 1: 15 and Psalm 139: 13 - God's purpose and assignments begin once there is conception.

The issue of a therapeutic/elective abortion is quite controversial today. Many say it is a woman's right to determine what she wants to do with her body. But this is exactly the kind of deception that is running rampant throughout nations.

I Corinthians 6: 18-0 reminds us that God dwells in our temples. Abortion destroys your physical and spiritual bodies and has the potential to cause great emotional and spiritual damage in the future. In the same way that when the natural laws are broken there are legal consequences, likewise, when spiritual laws are broken, it opens the door for other things to happen personally and in the wider society.


Today we are seeing the residual effects of abortion as it affects our nations. How so? Abortion opens the door to untimely deaths, violence, crime, as well as the eradication of purpose, vision and ideas for all sectors.

From the beginning of time, everything we do individually, affects the world entirely. Our personal choices have caused climate change, environmental shifts, increased deaths, diminished values and so much more. (Genesis 3: 17) So that sometimes when we think that we are getting rid of a potential problem, we are in fact creating bigger ones.

What if the purposes of certain well-known people in the numerous sectors were never brought to light because of abortion? What if the great men and women of the past and of today, who were raised by single parents, never existed because of abortion? What if there was no Bob Marley, no Martin Luther King Jr or no Nelson Mandela? We would never have the benefit of their gifts, talents and expertise; and whatever impact they have made would never have been!

Some nations are using legislation to force women to abort their girls. What if the nations did not have the benefit of some of the great women of the past and present. What if there was no Florence Nightingale, Marie Curie or Mother Teresa? All these women contributed immensely to sensitising the nations to issues such as poverty, health, justice and science and made significant impact on global laws and economies.

What Nations Should Do

Reduce the funding on abortions and give it to humanitarian groups and NGOs which will educate, empower and enrich the lives of the poor and neglected ones worldwide.

Relax adoption laws that hinder those who genuinely qualify to keep the children who are unwanted by their natural parents. Help those who want to adopt, regardless of their income level, to be able to do so and make a positive difference in the lives of the unplanned children. It cannot be easier to abort a child rather than to adopt one! It's not right.

In a study done of the United States in 2012, the following was revealed.

50 per cent of US women obtaining abortions are cent. of all U.S. abortions and teenagers obtain 17 per cent.

In 2009, adolescents under 15 years obtained .05 per cent of all abortions, but had the highest abortion ratio, 785 abortions for every 1,000 live births.

Black women are more than 4.8 times more likely than non-Hispanic white women to have an abortion and Hispanic women are 2.7 times as likely.

In 2009, 85 per cent of all abortions were performed on unmarried women.

Among women who obtained abortions in 2009, 40.2 per cent had no prior live births; 46.3 per cent had one or two prior live births, and 13.6 per cent had three or more prior live births.

If this is so for one nation, what is happening in your nation, under your noses - without your knowledge? What valuable resources are the nations - and even our own lives - lacking when abortions are performed? Food for thought.

Steve Lyston is a Biblical Economics Consultant and author of several books, including End Time Finance and The New Millionaire