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She bangs - The timeless shag is back

Published:Monday | February 4, 2013 | 12:00 AM
America First Lady Michelle Obama brings sophistication to the Dora-style bang. - Ap
Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller with her trade mark bangs. - File
These long tresses are worn with a bang.
Bangs with an asymetrical cut.- Ap
Singer Jennifer Hudson reveals her new weight loss and beautiful bangs.
Sleek, smooth bangs.
Actress Lea Michele with a heavy 'Dora' bang enhanced by wearing her hair straight.

Krista Anderson, Gleaner Writer

In the past weeks, more women have been going into the salon to get bangs. When America First Lady Michelle Obama walked out in her bang, the world became fascinated and scissors in salons the world over got to work.

And Jamaica is not immune to the style bug. The Flair spoke with André Campbell of Andre's Hair Studio, who notes that the timeless bang has been around for ages and resurfaces periodically over the years.

He explains that there are different types of bangs. The heavy bang, the light bang and the sweep bang. The 'Dora bang', which refers to the popular Dora character in the children's cartoon Dora the Explorer, is the traditional heavy bang. He affirms that even though bangs generally fit everyone, the traditional bang normally fits a woman who has a round face. He admits too "Women usually wear the style if they believe they have a big forehead."

Kerry Spencer, owner of Salon Innovation Beauty and Barber Salon, notes that the bang is coming back in style, with women wearing a full bang, half bang, heavy or light bang. She emphasises that women who want to explore the style should choose one that suits the shape of their face. For example, women with round-shaped faces should wear the full bang, while women with square angular faces should wear thinner bangs, as women will have a shorter look if they go thicker. She confirmed that in the past weeks, more women have been coming in to get bangs, but she believes "While Michelle Obama has enhanced the style, our prime minister, Portia Simpson Miller, has been wearing her bang for many years, and it fits her very well.

Styling with your bang

Both Campbell and Spencer note that when you have a bang, there are several styles women can wear to accentuate and 'jazz up their bang'. According to Campbell, "A woman can put her hair in a side pony tail or she can pin it up and rock an up-do, with either a clean bang or a messy bang." Spencer concurs, noting, "The supporting hair can be worn up in a bun or as a ponytail with the bang; dead straight or spiral curls can also be worn to enhance the bang."

Tips on caring for the bang

Spencer advises that when wearing a bang women should, "Shampoo it once a week and roller set it, wrap it at nights, and flat iron it as this adds bounce and gives the bang a smooth look, rather than a flat look." Campbell also recommends that women with bangs use the flat iron and bob it slightly to add a curl at the end. "Women should not use a curling iron to maintain their bang.."