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Your bra wardrobe

Published:Monday | February 4, 2013 | 12:00 AM

HEY Fruits! The last time we met, we were hiring and firing bras! Now that we've had our professional fittings and we know exactly how our bras should feel and fit, let's get our wardrobe right! Yes, you need a bra wardrobe. Like any good employee, a bra will need tools and co-workers to get the job done effectively. If you rely too heavily on one or two bras, they will burn out or stretch out quickly and retire in no time.

Your wardrobe should ideally consist of a minimum of three bras - one in the drawer, one in the laundry, and one on your body. The more you rotate your bras, the longer they will serve you.

Eventually, you should build out your wardrobe to seven to 10 bras that you love and feel comfortable wearing. So, what should you wear and when?

Working out

Try a sports bra that is seamed and fitted to your bra size, not those "smooshaboobintonone" bras that really should only be worn by pre-puberty adolescents. the new sports bras are made with reinforced fabric to reduce bounce and jiggle significantly and in your true cup size.

Strapless bras

If you're always pulling at your strapless bra when you go out consider this. Strapless bras are made shallower in the cup because of their function. try going up one cup size; for example, if you wear a C, go up to a D, because the conversion on a strapless bra will work out to be a 'normal C' and, therefore, your whole breast will fit in the cup. In addition, you could also go down in your band size, say from 34 to a 32, the smaller band will hold you tighter, and the bigger cup will hold all of you - no more pulling!

Hot summer days

Pack away your padded cups and try a nice seamless, sheer bra, or get ultra feminine with a lace bra.

Want a rounder shape?

Try bras with seamless cups that generally create a more natural appearance. These cups are generally shallower than seamed cups, so you may need to go up one cup size. Try it out!

A little cleavage

Try a demi-plunge or a contour plunge bra. Both create fullness in the centre of your breasts and will definitely earn you that 'double-take'.

Now that you have your wardrobe starter kit, let's get shopping! There are bras just dying to meet you.

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