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LETTER OF THE DAY - Give us vision lest we perish

Published:Tuesday | February 5, 2013 | 12:00 AM


Since Independence, the Jamaican economy has not been able to achieve the kind of growth and advancement it should have had.

We continue to suffer at the hands of our leaders because of poor judgement, miscalculation and, in most instances, corruption. At every turn of a decade, the timeline for vision continues to shift with every administration.

For example: During the early 1990s, we heard of Vision 2000 and what we would've accomplished. In fact, it was said that we would have been the leaders of the Caribbean in growth and development.

Today, we are indeed leaders of the Caribbean, but only in corruption, crime and violence, and we are steadily challenging Haiti for first place in poverty. We are now in 2013 and half of what was promised then has not yet been fulfilled. Then we started hearing about Vision 2010, and later, Vision 2030.

It is very evident that this is one of the three-card tricks employed by our politicians to keep us hoping for all the niceties that are being flaunted with these long-term vision timelines. These initiatives are questionable since there is no clear indication as to how we are going to achieve the targets.


The truth is, if the politicians can continue to keep our minds elsewhere, it would be beneficial to them since we would not be too focused on the issues at hand.

Furthermore, this crop of political leaders has not shown the propensity to truly motivate and inspire a nation, so they have to find ways and means to keep the veil over our eyes.

For all they are worth, the timelines for all these visions will continue to come and pass without tangible achievements because the visionaries lack vision.

I personally have no problem with hoping, but faith without works is dead.