Thu | Apr 26, 2018

PM should be ashamed!

Published:Tuesday | February 5, 2013 | 12:00 AM


Our dear prime minister has always been a critic of the Jamaica Labour Party when she was opposition leader, but she fails to face the music of her shortcomings since becoming prime minister.

Her Majesty's loyal Opposition has criticised many actions of the current Government and continues to furnish the Jamaican populace with solutions to the nation's ills.

To tag the opposition leader as an "enemy of the State" is certainly bombast - a fa├žade to sap the confidence of Jamaicans in Andrew Holness. The opposition leader's contributions to Jamaica since age 25 have been insuperable. His service to this country does not make him an "enemy of the State" but a "friend of the State". Anyone who labels such a humble public servant as a foe of the State should be filled with shame.

The opposition leader's criticisms of the Government have never been negative but have been positive and solution-oriented.


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