EDITORIAL - Cut the ..., Mr Paulwell

We are sick and tired of Mr Phillip Paulwell's approach to energy policy formulation that appears to us to be an amalgam of stalking horses, three-card tricksters, and loquacious bravado.So, it is time for the minister to end the drawing room charade...

Fighting the same battles

It's amazing how much countries have in common - be they big and powerful, or poor and small.Today, the cries for justice echo from all corners of the earth as ordinary people seek to challenge the status quo and arrive at a better place ...

Shut the door on dunces

The word 'dunce', first used in the 1570s, originated as a term of reproach in describing the work of the Scottish theologian and philosopher, John Duns Scotus.It's more than tragic that such a term was given birth by the exploits of a celebrated...


Opposition Leader Andrew Holness has called for the Government to consider privatising children's homes and other state-care facilities...

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