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Published:Wednesday | February 6, 2013 | 12:00 AM

Opposition Leader Andrew Holness has called for the Government to consider privatising children's homes and other state-care facilities. What do you think about this proposal?

I think it should be a joint effort. Government should have a say in these institutions.

- AnnMarie Nicholas De Souza

I agree. A non-profit organisation should run it. The Government should do the same for the hospitals and the schools and act as simply a regulator.

- Gerade Smith

Government would have to pay far more to these private institutions to keep these wards of the State. I believe it should be a joint effort for private and public sector.

- Jason Shaw

Privatisation will allow for better care of the children who are wards of the State. The Government is already limited with regard to its resources, and we have seen the track record of the treatment of such children.

- Dimitri Lyon

Incidentally where we might definitely need private-sector help is to get training for the staff specialising in caregiving and practical nursing for these homes; maybe endow them with their own school so volunteer teachers can do extra activity stuff; and create fun parks to introduce much play in children's life.

- Sharon Maria Reyes

Sometimes the treatment in private homes is no different from the abuse experienced in state-run homes. Caregivers need to be taught to treat children with love, kindness, patience and understanding. These attributes are so lacking in Jamaican society today.

- Terry-Ann Lynch

Such facilities should have never been put in the hands of the State to begin with; it simply doesn't belong there. Institutions which are driven by virtue should be operated and maintained by 'virtuous' institutions. We (the state) have not the fiscal resources to sustain all these ventures. PRIVATISE!

- Christopher Gough

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