Fri | May 25, 2018

Holness is implicitly putting State at risk

Published:Wednesday | February 6, 2013 | 12:00 AM


A lot has been made of Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller's statement which implicitly suggested that the leader of the Opposition might well be considered an enemy of the State. I find no fault with the prime minister's remarks.

To understand what is at work, we have to go back to the last JLP national conference when Andrew Holness announced that he was going into campaign mode. Campaign mode is not good for the Government and not good for the country, because such campaigns always have consequences which do not promote the growth of the nation. Production falls, physical security is threatened, and tourists may be turned off.

Hardly a day passes when Mr Holness is not out on the campaign trail attacking the Government. Mr Holness may want to characterise that stance as normal and constructive criticism. It is not.

In today's communication age, statements like that go viral quickly. They are picked up by the foreign press and governments, and the result is not good for the country.

Some may want to consider that the role of the Opposition. I suggest that Jamaica's economic position is so tenuous that it puts the future of the State at serious risk. Statements such as those could even compromise the ongoing International Monetary Fund negotiations.

Were I the prime minister, I would not apologise one bit. Those media houses and others who are siding with the JLP line are doing so because many of them are complicit.