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Les Green is not wrong on police, nation

Published:Wednesday | February 6, 2013 | 12:00 AM


Having read the front-page article ('Arrival in Ja was like stepping back in time', Gleaner, February 4, 2013) on former ACP Les Green, I wholeheartedly agree with his claims.

It is common knowledge that Jamaica does have a rather antique system of fighting modern crime, and the work ethic described in the news report is, in fact, institutionalised. This laid-back mentality is not confined to the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF), as many Jamaicans revel in this mindset and would even consider it an admirable trait.

The JCF really is a "step back in time". Have you ever wondered why it is that at some police stations you find bars administered by police personnel? Have you ever stopped to question why it is that police officers drink in their uniforms? Ohhhh, this is Jamaica, mon, no problem, everyt'ing irie.


Bribe taking is normalised, among many other ills of the profession. We still have a police FORCE and not a police SERVICE. Hence, we embrace the colonial-era paramilitary unit that was put in place to suppress poor/black people.

I have had to ask myself, do these men and women who swore to protect, serve and reassure really know what those words mean? Protecting and serving is really about apprehending and NOT executing, which seems to be what is often done by the JCF. So much so that they have started to execute their own members.

It is high time that we, as a people, stop accepting mediocrity. We will always sit back and allow outsiders to come and point out to us our dirty deeds. We are much too caught up playing hypocrites who all wish that our nastiness stay hidden, rather than cleansing ourselves of the grime and slime we have so got accustomed to.

Jamaica does have some great men and women, even in the JCF. However, we are not united in our cause and that simple fact is what is tearing the nation to shreds.

As a youth, I do not wish to keep silent. I believe we all need to stop broadcasting great messages from the rooftops and roll up our sleeves to get our hands involved in purging this nation of unwanted elements.


Chairman, Clarendon Youth &

Child Protection Committee