Tue | May 22, 2018

Out of place!

Published:Wednesday | February 6, 2013 | 12:00 AM


Former Assistant Commis-sioner of Police Les Green recently made some rather uncomplimentary remarks about Jamaica, his most recentassignment.

He has earned the terms 'racist' and 'feisty' for his remarks, but he won some points with Jamaicans For Justice, which basically gave him a pat on the back.

Irrespective of the various remarks made about him, Les Green's comments are not dignified for a person of his stature, a police officer on secondment from the United Kingdom to Jamaica. He was a formally invited guest, to perform service for another government, which in most circumstances would be considered honourable by his country and monarch.

It was most inappropriate to have made those thoughtless remarks.


Any remarks on service matters like forensics are best given as a report to the prime minister, or to the minister of security, Mr Peter Bunting, and certainly not to be mentioned to the UK press which, frankly, has no business in this matter.

Further, if he was being paid by the Government of Jamaica, he just bit the hand that fed him, which is just not socially acceptable, or economically sensible.

If Mr Green's comments about police duties are accurate, I would suggest we obtain further skilled police advisers, from wherever we can.