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Island Grill goes downtown, 25 new jobs created

Published:Thursday | February 7, 2013 | 12:00 AM
The new Island Grill restaurant inside the Digicel headquarters downtown Kingston during the post-lunch period. - Barbara Ellington/Public Affairs Editor

The popular Jamaican fast-food chain Island Grill has made the move to downtown Kingston ... at last. And being located inside the food court of the new Digicel headquarters, they could not have asked for a more perfect spot. Along with two other restaurants, Jacqui Tyson's From Yard Style to Gourmet and Wholesome Café, they share a commanding view of of the picturesque Kingston Harbour.

The pristine court with pastel chairs and tables for couples and groups comfortably seats 200 diners. It is air-conditioned, has spacious bathrooms, and is accessible by wheelchairs. Digicel staff have access through connecting doors located close to the restaurant. There is also a National Commercial Bank automated teller machine inside the the food court.


Patrons can grab their lunch and go or enjoy the ambience while they dine. And since its January 22 soft opening, Island Grill officials are pleased with the steadily increasing numbers so far. Staff from Digicel as well as from several other companies located downtown have been popping in to buy lunch.

"Service starts with breakfast at 7 a.m.", said Brenda Thomas, marketing officer. "We close at 7 p.m. and are open daily except Sundays," she added.

So far, customers have had some parking challenges, but Island Grill is far advanced with plans to correct those. This includes encouraging customers to call ahead and place orders for 10 or more lunches, and the staff will packaged, their orders for them to simply come in and pick up.


The menu is the same delicious range of items as is available in all its other stores across the island, and the team is working hard to improve speed of service. "Initially, the lines were long, but we continue to improve," said owner Thalia Lyn who was at the restaurant when The Gleaner visited on Monday. "We don't want to lose our valued customers," she said. She said 25 additional members of staff were brought on board to adequately cope with the volume of work.

Always cognisant of its corporate social responsibility, Island Grill has already made contact with the police in the area to conduct its Soupa Pot of Love initiative. "Our staff goes into the community once every month to distribute soup and festival for the needy. They also interact with the people they feed," Lyn said.

"Service starts with breakfast at 7 a.m.", said Brenda Thomas, marketing officer. "We close at 7 p.m. and are open daily, except Sundays," she added.