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Savour the moment

Published:Thursday | February 7, 2013 | 12:00 AM
Delectable fish burgers. - Photos by Gladstone Taylor/Photographer
Outdoor seating and entrance of the Corner Bistro. - Photos by Gladstone Taylor/Photographer
Refreshing sorrel iced tea.
Several coffee blend ingredients, and an iced coffee drink (mochaccino frap).
Ackee pizza, complemented by dipping sauce.
Banalmond Bread and Sorrel Iced Tea, with a touch of Sorrel Treat, on the side.

Krysta Anderson, Gleaner Writer

Freshly brewed scents permeating the air, with an artistic ambience designed for comfort and relaxation, is what customers at Café Moment can expect.

Located at 96 Hope Road, you will find this quaint café tucked away beneath Medusa's bar. If you are a first-time coffee drinker, an established coffee lover, or simply just a tea drinker, they have different mixes of coffee and tea to delight and convert your taste buds.

Food spoke with one of the directors of Café Moment, Jeffrey Azan, who highlighted that the café, which got under way on December 14, 2012, "is an idea stemming from our desire to create something original and different for the Jamaican populace. Our goal is to bring coffee to life and spice things up. If one sip of our coffee has you smiling, then we have done our job."

He continued, "The café is the first project under the Do Good and Be of Significance Foundation, and the café is being used as a platform for new and innovative Jamaican products," he ended.

Food Platform

The café has collaborated with Freshmongers to create their fresh cuisine menu. Its fish burgers have gained increased popularity since they opened, and it is putting systems in place where customers will actually be able to tweet in their order and get their food delivered. Café Moment has worked with St Chefs to create other delectable Jamaican desserts, including banalmond bread in coffee, original (banana) and sorrel flavour. Ackee lovers are in for a treat as the café provides ackee pizzas with a variety of toppings ranging from ackee and saltfish to ackee and red herring, and soon-to-be-introduced callaloo and mozzarella.

They have also partnered with the St Jamaica brand to create uniquely cultural sauces and jams. The sauces are currently complemented by yellow yam wedges and garlic tossed breadfruit.

Café Moment's unique blends of coffee are used to create exquisite coffee blends, such as morning legal, and the newly inspired life of the party, as well as iced coffee, such as the mochaccino frap. Various blends of sorrel iced tea are also available, ranging from honey, apple, ginger and lemon blends. Non-dairy shakes are also one of its sought-after items on the menu, with new blends to be developed for the palate.

But besides its extensive menu, the art displayed at the café provides a platform for new and upcoming artistes to express themselves and showcase their natural talent. According to Azan, "These art pieces can be sold to customers, and all we ask is that 10 per cent of the profit be donated to the Do Good and Be of Significance Foundation."

Upcoming performing artistes will also be given the opportunity to display their talents live, as the café plans to host a series of mini concerts. "Patrons will be able to just come in on a Sunday evening, get some coffee, have some pastry, and experience all the live smooth music there is to offer, soothing both the soul and palate," notes Azan.