Sun | Sep 25, 2016

Praise PM for achievements

Published:Friday | February 8, 2013 | 12:00 AM


I am one of those Jamaicans who were pleased with the prime minister's address to the nation in January. I had two reasons.

First, she gave me a measured presentation on the achievements of the first year of government, none of which could be challenged and all were of substance. That is what governments are for - to achieve.

Second, there was an outline of specifics which will form the core action of the second year and that is what I was listening for. The achievements coupled with the projections will go far beyond the end of the second year and that is how a country is built.

Some have been critical in that she did not tell the nation about a Cabinet reshuffle or outline the challenges preventing an Inter-national Monetary Fund agreement. Is it thought that specifics about the latter would alter projections for 2013? If so, on what basis? I heard Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica President Chris Zacca pontificating on what should have come out of the impending Cabinet retreat and immediately I asked myself, over the last five years, what major project has a Jamaican entrepreneur undertaken that is transformational?

The major problem with Jamaican businessmen is that instead of investing, they look to the Government to do so and then complain they are being shut out. They need to put up their money or zip up their mouths.

Thanks for having achieved, PM, and thanks for looking ahead.