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Enemy of the state

Published:Sunday | February 10, 2013 | 12:00 AM
Opposition Leader, Hon. Andrew Holness.-Ricardo Makyn/Staff Photographer
The Ward Theatre in downtown Kingston.-Norman Grindley/Chief Photographer

Oxy Moron, Contributor

So, Baby Bruce might be an enemy of the state? But, I can't picture him reprising the role of Will Smith in the movie of the same name. Baby Bruce is no actor. In the acting department, he plays second fiddle to the illustrious Mama, who, in one of her headline-grabbing utterances, recently questioned Baby Bruce's loyalty to country and state.

Whether Baby Bruce is or not is for Mama to decide. What I do know is that I, Oxy Moron, am definitely an enemy of the state of the state of affairs in Mama's yard.

First, there are many parts of Mama's yard that I don't like to visit. At the top of the list is the area in the vicinity of Ward Theatre and the unsightly Ward Theatre itself. There is a little enclosure, which is always occupied by dirty mongrel dogs, dirty cloths and clothes, and dirty homeless people. Literally in the heart of Mama's yard.

Tears ran like rivers from my eyes the other day, when I saw some of Mama's poor children eating from the dump in Morant Bay, St Thomas, the same Sunday morning when it was reported that one fat cat is getting over $20 million per year for its salary. Also, in Mama's yard, children are being brutally raped and murdered as if there were no tomorrow. From east to west, north to south, every nook and cranny is beset with social ills.


Out of many, we certainly are not one. We are divided into Green and Orange gangs, by skin colour (don't forget the bleachers), race, religion, address, gender and money. And, as soon as the last note of that prayer called the National Anthem is sung, the land is awash with blood.

Then Mama's ship of state is going around in circles, around and around in Mama's yard, trying to find that elusive agreement. Everybody is cowering in fear. Hearts are racing, feet are tapping, fingers locking. The JEEP is rocking. The Budget has fallen.

So, there you have it! And I, Oxy Moron, am prepared to dangle from yonder gallows (make sure the rope is strong). Yet, on my tombstone, my loved ones must inscribe: "Here lies the once robust body of Oxy Dee Moron (who chatted too much). He was brutally taken from us because he simply stated the facts about the state of affairs in Mama's yard, and did not care whether foreign investors heard. May he rest in peace, once and for all."