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Gore's ride returns this week

Published:Sunday | February 10, 2013 | 12:00 AM
The Audi TT in the workshop.
The Audi TT being moved in Germany.-Contributed Photos
Doug Gore with the Audi TT when it was unveiled in Montego Bay.

Improved Audi TT to race at JamWest in March

"It's just eight days away from landing. I'm actually counting down the days," said Doug Gore, palpably oozing with anticipation and excitement as he responded to questions about the return of the Audi TT racing car to Jamaica, last Wednesday.

The vehicle will land in Jamaica on February 15.

The Audi TT underwent a major overhaul by experts in Germany for eight months, after it crashed out at the Dover Raceway last May. Not only has it been repaired, but the vehicle is now better than ever. "First, they repaired it and then they moved on to making some major improvements. For example, the engine was damaged and the engineers asked whether we wanted it to be repaired or made better, and so they made it better. They also did some work on the suspension," Gore explained.


Therefore, the Audi TT, which dominated the 2011 race season in Jamaica, is returning with more power and speed. "With aerodynamic changes and an additional 50 horsepower it is a much faster car, particularly on the straightaway. It wasn't as fast as it could have been because while its advantage was mainly on cornering, we were hampered along the straightaway and that gave my biggest competitor an edge at times. Now we've got cornering and the straightaway covered," he said.

While fans will see the same signature red, white and blue colour scheme on the TT with sponsors' logos, including ATL, Rainforest Seafoods, Wata, Petcom, Sherwin Williams and Boom, Doug says the front end now appears more aggressive and the spoilers are much bigger.

Adam Stewart, CEO of lead sponsor, ATL Automotive, is equally excited about the return of the Audi TT. "This racing car has been a huge investment for us, bringing it in for the first time and then shipping it back to Germany for repairs. However, it has been worthwhile as this Audi TT changed the face of the motoring sport in Jamaica forever by raising the standards of the quality of race cars and, consequently, the level of competitiveness on the track," he said.

From its 1990 debut in the annual DTM motor racing series held in Germany, Audi sped past its competition with seven wins and the championship title - the beginning of a success story that continues to this day. Only a year later, Audi became the first brand in DTM history to make a successful title defense; Frank Biela was crowned champion after recording six wins during the season. Audi has celebrated a total of 61 race wins in the DTM. An Audi driver put their car on the pole position 64 times and set the fastest lap in 53 races.

An upset and emotional Doug Gore could be seen behind the wheel of his crashed Audi TT at Dover last May. Not only had he lost the race, but David Summerbell Jr lowered Gore's 1:18:10 lap record to 1:17:17 seconds. It's an equally emotional journey back to the racetrack for Gore.

"I'm really looking forward to February 15. That's the day the TT lands in Jamaica and we begin to add the finishing touches in preparation for the season. I'm excited about my debut at the JamWest meet in Westmoreland on March 3, and I urge fans to come out and see the car in action. It's a fantastic track and it suits the TT very well," he said.

And there is little doubt about what's on Gore's mind for the first Dover meet on Easter Monday. He's coming to reclaim his record.