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Police kill four others

Published:Sunday | February 10, 2013 | 12:00 AM

At least four persons were killed by the police in the last 48 hours, increasing the number of fatal shootings by the police to 35 since the start of this year.

In one incident, three men were shot during an alleged confrontation with members of a police team in Gulf, Norwood, St James, about 4:40 p.m. last Friday.

So far, the police have identified only one of the men, 27-year-old Nicholas Mitchell, otherwise called 'Nicki D', of Gulf, Norwood.

One 9mm Taurus pistol with five 9mm cartridges and an Intratech 9mm submachine gun with two 9mm and one .380 cartridge were reportedly seized by the police following the shooting.

'Ribsy' shot

In the second incident, 20-year-old Johnoy Glaze, otherwise called 'Ribsy', of Brighton district, Westmoreland, was fatally shot during an alleged confrontation with the police in Little London in the parish at about 2:10 Friday afternoon.

One Cougar 9mm pistol, serial number erased, with a magazine containing nine 9mm cartridges, was reportedly taken from him.