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Surprise birthday soirée

Published:Sunday | February 10, 2013 | 12:00 AM
Birthday girl June Daley (left) with newly-weds Steve and Erica Tattersall.
From left: Vacciana Bruff, Damone Donegal, Nikita Ellis and Steven Ellis.
The beautiful duo of Tiffany Moncrieffe (left) and Gemma Feare.-Winston Sill/Freelance Photographer

Chester Francis-Jackson, Contributor

She is known and celebrated in the Jamaican community in London, as the First Lady of Beauty and Culture. This role has seen her being cast in the role of premier hostess as patron and chief organiser of the Miss Jamaica UK beauty pageant, the charming June Daley is always playing the role of hostess.

Not since the legendary Vida Menzies, who was dubbed Jamaica's Queen in London, and celebrated for her philanthropy and soirées, has another Jamaican personality taken up the mantle of being the country's unofficial resident envoy.

And no wonder as Daley has been not only been flying the Jamaican colours, and hospitality high in London, but is the very essence of charity.

Daley is always the one playing the hostess, as she celebrate her countrymen and women, and never really celebrating herself.

But on Monday, Daley, who is currently on an official visit to the island with her charge, Miss Jamaica UK, celebrated another year of life. As is her wont, Daley, opted to forgo making a fuss and so made no plans to celebrate her very special day!

Well, that might have been her plan but that did not fly or sit well with her long-standing friend Ian Lyn. So while Daley busied herself with a series of official engagements, Lyn quietly put things in motion - the end result being a charmingly intimate surprise birthday soirée, hosted at his upper St Andrew home!


And so it was my dears, that on Monday evening, the upper St Andrew gated community of Waterworks rang to the choruses of surprise! And happy birthday! As guests streamed in to really celebrate one who has given so much to so many over the years, it made for a really beautiful occasion, and then some!

Dears, with the very charming Dawn Young and her team of Bars To Go staffers on hand doing the honours, the evening flowed beautifully with cocktails only a nod away, and flowing copiously. Guests gathered and not only shared libations, but many shared their experiences of the long-lasting friendship they had shared with the surprised birthday girl and it made for a charming shindig.

Luvs, we are talking a love-fest here as host Lyn opened the floodgates of toasts and testimonials by sharing one of his very many mot mots he and the birthday girl had shared over the years. Others followed suit, and it made for a pretty fab do, and international in nature too as there were guests there from Australia, the United States and, of course, the UK, and the home front.

Gathering of friends

And the radiance and beauty of the women present were only rivalled by the beauty of the occasion as this was not one of your stuffy affair. It was simply not that kind of an outing, as this was truly a gathering of friends in celebration of a friend and it made for a beautiful evening, accented by a fabulous fare and flawless company!

Now the game of the night, at least for some guests, was that of guessing the birthday girl's age, and at the end of it all guests left the party none the wiser.

But charming it was, and nothing but, with among those out sharing in the celebration were the reigning Miss Jamaica UK, the charming and oh-so beautiful Gemma Feare; the simply gorgeous Dr Kurdell Espinosa; Angela Thame; Karl Kirkland; the fab Vacciana Bruff; Brian Foster and his fab wife Elaine; Sloan Jackson and his beautiful wife, Jodi; the lovely Sharon Moncrieffe, with offspring Romario and his sibling Tifanny; Christopher Hayles and the lovely Linda Jack (visiting from the UK); Sonya Stewart; Damone Donegal; Claudette Washington; Steven Ellis and his lovely wife, Nikita; Steve Tattersall and Erica Myers-Davies-Tattersall, newly-weds on their honeymoon from Australia; plus a number of others.