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Snow storm forces cancellation of CAL flights

Published:Monday | February 11, 2013 | 12:00 AM

The Trinidad and Tobago-based Caribbean Airlines (CAL) Friday cancelled a number of flights to the United States because of a snowstorm that was making its way up the Atlantic coast affecting New York and other cities.

The cancellation is expected to affect a number of nationals who were expected for the Carnival celebrations that climax with street parades and jump-up tomorrow.

The storm is a strange one in nature and it could not have come at a worse time because naturally our flights are very heavy. There are many people anxious to get into the country, CALs communications manager Clint Williams said.

He said with the expected closure of the airport in New York it is not going to be possible to fly.

CAL said that while contingencies were in place to move affected passengers as soon as weather conditions improved further disruptions to other flights could be expected.

The airline said that flights BW524/525, BW526 and BW527 in JFK International Airport for Friday were cancelled.

Those flights also service several Caribbean routes.

US weather officials say the blizzard threatened to strike the Northeast US with a vengeance with up to two feet of snow forecast along the densely-populated corridor from the New York City area northwards.

Boston and Providence in Rhode Island closed schools on Friday, and airlines cancelled more than 2,600 flights.