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Warrior King's message goes out over the waters

Published:Monday | February 11, 2013 | 12:00 AM
Warrior King

Leighton Levy, Gleaner Writer

International reggae artiste Warrior King has embarked on a tour of the American West Coast, spreading a message of love as he continues to build his international following.

The tour dubbed 'Sing Like an Angel Tour, Part One', will be used, in part, to promote his album Tell Me How Me Sound.

The album, released in September 2012 on Todd's Label, features the works of several of the island's top producers.

Warrior King said the album has been doing very well, which, he why he is embarking on this tour now - to further promote it.

Tell Me How Me Sound is produced by Bulby.

"You had also producers like myself, Roots Warrior Production, and I worked with Sly and Robbie, Clevie from Steelie and Clevie, but it's a real roots and culture album," said Warrior King.

He expects the new album to be ready sometime later this year.

"We're going with who Warrior King believes to be the top producers. This new album will not be for a single producer. I will be producing, Bulby will be producing, Donovan Germaine will be producing, Jam 2 will be producing, Collie Buddz will be producing. Mi just a work with the best to give me a different sound. Me no want every song sound the same way," he said.

Warrior King made his name with the hit Virtuous Woman back in 2001 and followed up with a string of other hits, including Hold Da Faith, My Life, Can't Get Me Down, and Wanna Give You Love, the fourth released in 2009.

His latest single, Come Together, was recorded last year on Sophia Brown's MusicMecka label.

"The song was recorded over a year ago on Sophia Brown's label. It's a beautiful song about the sun is shining, better days are coming. It is an optimistic kind of song with the message that you can't be every day complaining about everything that is bad when you are not making any effort to make things better," he said. "It starts within each individual. The song was written by me with inspiration from the Most High."

The tour began on February 5 and will run until March 10. The schedule is intense with Warrior King slated to perform daily in different cities from February 5-17.

Some of those stops include Nevada City, Lake Tahoe, Santa Cruz, Portland, Chicago, Sacramento, and San Diego. There are also stops scheduled for Dallas, New Orleans, Austin, and Houston. Some of the dates, however, are yet to be confirmed.

Warrior King said that along the way, he would be meeting up with some of the legends of reggae music, who will be performing on his shows, including Frankie Paul, Mykal Roze, and Leroy Sibbles, among others.

Inspired by Bounty Killer

The singer, whose entry into the industry was inspired by Bounty Killer, said even though the tour is expected to end in March, it may very well be extended as there is strong demand for his music. Mark Miller, Warrior King's director of international business, informed him that when he put the tour dates up, "the people a call for more shows."

"Throughout the years, I have built up a fan base, so I can go out on my own," he said. "I have built that foundation of giving the people good vibrations."

On completion of the first leg of the tour, Warrior King flies off to Africa for dates in several African countries, including South Africa. Then by June, he jets back to the US for dates in the American Mid-West and on the East Coast, starting with the Kalamazoo Festival in Michigan on June 21.

The soft-spoken entertainer, who was educated at St Andrew Technical High and The National Tools and Engineering Institute, might be doing more than a dozen cities over the next month, but all his fans who show up for the concerts will be hearing a consistent message from the singer, who has been known to champion education and the upliftment of women in his songs.

"The message is love, always love. that is the root of the message because love has no colour, no size, no shape whether you are black or white, fat or slim, rich or poor," he said.