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'Lest We Forget' the heroes - David M's ode to black history brings notoriety

Published:Tuesday | February 12, 2013 | 12:00 AM
David M

Curtis Campbell, Gleaner Writer

Reggae artiste David M is reaping relative international popularity for his black history single Lest We Forget. The song was recently played on BET (BET Jazz) and Music Choice, as well as on more than 100 radio stations in the United States (US).

The video was also shown at the Martin Luther King Foundation Awards in New York City at the Sheraton Towers where David M was a special guest of the Kings and Core Foundation.

David M's publicist, Noel Mack, believes positive music is the key to a successful career.

"We are doing clean and positive music. Topics that are worthwhile will last for many years and they will appeal to a wider market. For example, who would have expected that this song would have raised so many notable eyebrows in the international music industry. It's like Bob Marley, he did mostly positive songs in his career and it has propelled him to being a worldwide star, having songs that are lasting a lifetime, and that is what I want all our artiste to aspire to," he said.

David M has performed the song on NBC TV's Late Night with Joey Reynolds three years in a row. He has also made appearances at The Schomburg Museum in Harlem, The Shrine, Rochester Music Festival and done presentation at workshops at the Harlerm AMC 9, owned by Earvin 'Magic' Johnson.

In addition to that, the artiste has travelled to numerous high schools, colleges and universities throughout the US.

"Lest We Forget continues and will continue to deliver a strong message and we invite you to share this universal theme, especially at this time of the second inauguration of the first black president of the United States of America and the celebration of Black History Month," said Noel Mack.

David M's inspiration to record a song with relevance to black history came due to his familiarity with the civil rights movement and growing up with a father who was a poor black man seeking to develop himself against hard times.

"My father was a poor black man who rose from very humble circumstances to be relatively successful. He was around through the civil rights struggle in the US and the formation of independent states and final statehood in the Caribbean countries. He always reminded us growing up of the struggles faced by blacks in the Caribbean and the US and the wider world, and the torch our generation was given by a generation who struggled through the '50s and '60s and, of course, the past few centuries to give us the opportunities that we sometimes take for granted ... lest we forget their struggles and their sacrifices," he said.

The artiste also teamed up with musicians like Dean Fraser, Gussie Clarke and Bowie McCloughlin to produce the single.

David M is making preparations for a new album to be released this year. He also disclosed that his team is planning to do live performances of the songs on the album in order to strike intimacy with fans.

The album will feature new material, including This Is Our World, a track used by the United Nations in an effort to foster peace.