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Chronixx wants to inspire

Published:Tuesday | February 12, 2013 | 12:00 AM

In what will be his first full performance in Montego Bay, Chronixx and the Zinc Fence Band is promising to deliver an uplifting and inspiring performance at the Rainforest Seafood Festival set for Ash Wednesday, tomorrow, at the Catherine Hall Entertainment Centre in the Second City.

The talented young entertainer, wise beyond his 20 years, has been included in a line-up of entertainers booked for the festival that includes veteran crooner Ken Boothe, dancehall diva Tifa, Romain Virgo, Prodigal Son, I-Octane and Beenie Man.

He says each will bring his or her own element to the festival as music takes many different forms.

"We're looking forward to bringing elements from our movement - Rastafari," he said.

During the festival, patrons will experience the best seafood from a variety of well-known restaurants and chefs, including Scotchies, The Pelican Grill, Fish Pot, Pier One, Mobay Proper and the Spring Garden Café, as well as others.

Charity attraction

The festival is a charity event and that has attracted the rising star.

"The only reason why I am on the show is my wanting to give back to the community, to help the sick," he said.

"Health is an important part of any nation. A healthy population is a productive population. I would like to play my part to ensure that my people are a healthy people."

Chronixx, who insists he does not want to be recognised separately from his band because, as lead singer, he is a member of said band, revealed that he will be performing fan favourites for the huge crowds expected to gather for the performances throughout the day.

This means fans can expect to hear hits like Behind Curtains, Odd Ras, They Don't Know, Beat and A Mic, Rain Music and Warrior, songs that drove him and his band to prominence over the past year.

He hinted that they might also get a little something extra. "I want to bring a positive vibration. Chronixx always comes with something unexpected. My band and I have never performed a full set in Montego Bay before, so we don't want to disappoint by not giving the people what they need," he said.

"My job is not to give the people what they want but to give them what they need because people, including myself, don't know what they want. Only the Almighty knows what the people need."

- Leighton Levy