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Are defenders of Christian beliefs being silenced?

Published:Tuesday | February 12, 2013 | 12:00 AM


I want to congratulate your columnist Martin Henry for his excellently crafted article 'Religion and development' (Sunday Gleaner, February 10, 2013). I am happy that someone of intellect, who is not considered a Christian apologist, has taken on the naysayers who like to accuse Christians of not having a brain, or being able to use it.

Ian Boyne's challenge to the Church two Sundays ago, in his article 'Is the Church helping us?', deserved a reasoned response. The critics of the Church have been given an opportunity by Boyne to come out of the woodwork to attack the faults of the Church, while ignoring the plethora of facts and reasoningsthat could balance the scales.

Martin has done a reasonable job in the Church's defence, without ignoring or excusing its very real human failures and foibles.

It leaves one to wonder why anyone and everyone can get printed if they attack Christianity or the Church, but if they attempt a reasoned defence of Christianity, it does not merit publication.

Could there be an undeclared conspiracy to silence constructive defenders of Christian beliefs? Writers like Gordon Robinson, it seems, can always get publication space to make unrestrained fun of the Rev Al Miller such as Sunday's column titled 'Reason is Church's enemy'.


Royal Flat, Mandeville PO