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First Global's book donation boosts libraries

Published:Friday | February 15, 2013 | 12:00 AM
Sheron Anderson (right), principal, McIntosh Memorial Primary School in Manchester, in discussion with Paul Ebanks (left), business development manager, First Global Financial Services (FGFS), Mandeville branch, after his recent donation of books to the institution on behalf of FGFS. Sharing the occasion are vice-principals Althea Holness (second left) and Vyonnie Whynes. - Contributed

The library at the McIntosh Memorial Primary School in Manchester has been boosted with the donation of a stock of extra-curricular activity books to assist preparing grade-one students as they advance to higher grades.

The books were recently donated by First Global Financial Services (FGFS) as part of its mandate through 2013 to help more Jamaican children overcome illiteracy from an early age.

Paul Ebanks, business development manager at the Mandeville branch, said FGFS, in December, had initiated a social-media campaign, 'Friends for Learning', which encouraged facebook fans to refer five of their friends to unlock a book to be donated to a child.

"Subsequently, FGFS purchased more than 300 books from Twin Guinep Publishers, and each of the six participating schools were able to select the types of books most useful in their respective institutions," he said.

Ebanks said, further, that the bank was pleased with the social media campaign results. It was a success and GraceKennedy would always be willing to assist students in need.


McIntosh Memorial is one of six primary schools in sections of the island to receive the books that take an integrated approach to learning in a number of subject areas.

Althea Holness, vice-principal in charge of academics at McIntosh Memorial Primary, expressed her satisfaction with the contents of the books.

"The books include aspects of Jamaican culture; picture-word association; spelling; colour mixing; food, with examples of the right types of foods we should eat to be healthy; social studies and safety tips on how and when to use the roads, and more useful information to help develop children's fine motor, math and science skills," Holness said.

Vyonnie Whynes, senior vice-principal, administration, agreed: "These books will enhance students' reading skills and develop competence in spelling and science. The books cover some topics related to the GSAT examination. This means that the children should be better prepared as they transit through to the upper grades," Whynes said.