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Truth on Sharpe indisputable

Published:Saturday | February 16, 2013 | 12:00 AM


There is enough evidence to prove that Albert Einstein was a Jew. If when he had migrated to America he was forced to accept, or accepted Christianity through his own volition, does it give Christians at a later date the right to condemn and degrade his Semitic heritage?

A fellow writer pointed out to me that one of the greatest tragedies ever perpetrated against mankind through slavery, miseducation and "de-culturisation" (his word) was when the white race made the black race hate everything about its history, heritage and culture.

To my mind, what is even sadder is that this miseducation and self-hatred is being propagated and dispersed by our own black people.

My fellow writer went on to say that even other races that suffered genocide, like the Jews through Hitler and the Red Indians by Europeans, NEVER lost their love for their culture, heritage and religion, even as others describe them as being savages and non-believers (or worse) because many still have not converted to Christianity.

I am alluding to persons who think it is sacrilegious to say that one of Jamaica's national heroes, Sam Sharpe, was a Muslim. So what if Sam Sharpe was a Muslim, and so what if he was forced to convert or he converted freely to Christianity?

The black race is probably the only race that clings to other cultures, while ignoring or denigrating its own history and culture.

Sought the source

Dr Sultana Afroz, while on an archaeological dig in the hills of Portland, heard some Maroon men speaking in Arabic, and being a Muslim who knows Arabic, her interest and curiosity were piqued. She was determined to find the source of her amazing discovery.

Her research took her on a fascinating journey. Her research has enabled her to speak for our enslaved ancestors who had no voice, as our history is almost exclusively recorded from the perspectives of our conquerors and their local black supporters.

Dr Sultana Afroz has completed her research which she has recorded in her very revealing book Invisible yet Invincible: The Islamic Heritage of the Maroons and the Enslaved Africans in Jamaica. It may not be available locally, as many bookstore owners imply that being Christians, they only sell Christian books. The book can be bought at

The authorities banned her exhibition, especially to schoolchildren, but they need to be reminded that Bob Marley told us that "truth" is an offence, but it is not a sin. "Truth" reveals itself in some very odd ways. It may even at times be invisible, yet it is always invincible.


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