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Online Feedback

Published:Saturday | February 16, 2013 | 12:00 AM

Here are comments on the staff-level approval of the IMF agreement with Jamaica which was announced Friday. (It will have to be endorsed by the board in March).

  • I am so saddened by this whole affair. The IMF should have never loan any more money to Jamaica because we have no business begging and borrowing 38 years after Michael Manley started it. Furthermore, the politicians would have been forced to brainstorm, think and plan for the very first time.

- Fair and Balanced

  • For the first time it seemed that our politicians were actually doing some serious thinking about how to facilitate production and cut the fat from the public sector.

- St Marian

  • We rose like a nation and removed the JLP. Now it's time to do the same and send a strong message to the PNP that their leadership means us no good. As a result, they should pack their bags and GO! They are a bunch of selfless, inconsiderate money scavengers. I understand a tax package is needed, but this is too strong a tax package on this developing nation.


  • Why is everyone beating up on any government? I wish governments would stop giving people the impression they can save the country economically. Governments do not produce or create wealth. They create the environment through policies for wealth creation. The private sector does. Where are they? Where have they been?

- Tachyon

  • This was proposed by the IMF. All Mr Phillips did was agree to it! We are crying out for loans, so please accept the terms, Jamaican people!!!

- Paul Thomas

  • Hooray! We are now up to our eyeballs in debt! Now my children and their children have the task of repaying!

- mave_38

  • It's time for us to turn against those politicians who have misconfigured the country and take our destiny in our own hands. As long as we continue to depend on self-serving politicians to solve our problems, our country will continue to sink deeper into the abyss.

- Bobby