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Put your dogs on a leash

Published:Saturday | February 16, 2013 | 12:00 AM
Dog owners should always have their mutts on a leash. - File


There are not many places that one can walk one's dog safely in Jamaica. When I say safely, I do not refer to dodging the criminal elements in society. I am instead referring to lawless dog owners out there.

I walk my two dogs lawfully on a leash and have been totally petrified to have other dogs bounding over to me at high speed because they are not on a leash. February 10 was the latest incident. Luckily for me, one of my children was able to move a distance away with one of our dogs, while I was left unfortunately having to be swinging my other small dog around in circles half off the ground by her leash just to keep her out of the jaws of this other dog.

I was scared for my personal safety, as well as that of my dogs and children! This very scary situation could have ended in a disaster.

It does not matter how friendly you think your dogs are. You will never know how they are going to react when they come nose to nose with another dog. Both dogs could have ended up seriously injured or even killed! I, too, could have ended up in the middle of the fight, and also could have been seriously injured.

I write this letter to implore all of you dog owners out there to be sensible and considerate to other people and other dogs and put your dogs on a leash when walking them for everyone's safety!

Tracey Mcnair

Kingston 8