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Style moment with Omi

Published:Monday | February 18, 2013 | 12:00 AM

'newbie' to the entertainment scene with a great voice and a matching
style, OMI has dominated the airwaves with his hot new single, Cheerleader. Recently this young star premiered his newest single Fireworks, on The Gleaner's website. During his recent visit to our North Street offices, he shared his style moments with us.

OMI's style is sophisticated, vintage, clean and edgy. According to the star, "Style to me is everything, it's a part of my personal brand and how people connect with my craft. If someone is to describe an artist, nine out of 10 times it's what they wear or how they look. Whether they are fashion icons or not, it's how you put your brand forward that will make you memorable or forgettable." He continued, "Jay-Z is known for his NY baseball caps and more recently tailored suits and long coats. Likewise, Rihanna is known for her fierce haircuts and inconspicuous tattoos. I want to be distinguished by something so I take pride in putting my style pieces together; it's part of my brand's identity, " he explained.

5 style must-haves


I believe that every man should invest in at least one statement timepiece. A watch is everything. If you are dressed down in plain white tees and jeans with a time-piece that stands out, people will say you dress well because the only thing they see is your watch. So I recommend a good statement timepiece ... always.


On a daily basis, I dress down, so I always wear a hat to enhance my look. I like gentlemen's headgear, mixing some military with felt fedora in fabric and straw. I would say hats are a signature piece for my personal style.

Vintage Belts:

I have a thing for leather handcrafted vintage belts. These add a bit of edge to simple looks. I am very simple, so I try to add distinct pieces that make my look stand out.

Brogues (shoes):

What I like about brogues is that you can switch them up from smart to casual. I like them in multi colours or with detailed prints. They go well with jeans, shorts or dress pants.

Slim-fit dark-blue jeans:

Again, because I tend to stick to a simple style, my everyday wear is mostly jeans and tees. I prefer slim-fit dark-blue jeans because they can also be paired with waistcoats and blazers, which gives you a timeless, refined style that is synonymous with my personal style as an artist.