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LETTER OF THE DAY - Opposition should examine how it 'opposes'

Published:Tuesday | February 19, 2013 | 12:00 AM


THE OPPOSITION Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) continues to disrespect and show contempt for the Government as it relates to how it goes about opposing.

For months, members of the Opposition kept on hounding the Government about making announcements on the progress and decisions of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) regarding the standby agreement which the Government has been desperately trying to negotiate.

During its tenure, the JLP did very little to get the country out of its economic mire. Just months after the new administration took office, it had to commence new negotiations.

The JLP then started a charade of lambasting and criticising, even though it knew very well that there was a time element and the Government could not jump ahead of the IMF to take from it what has not been decided on.

When finally the Government got to the stage where an announcement could be made, the Opposition walked out of Parliament wanting more time to post-examine the deal, although the country is virtually going over the economic cliff and time is of the essence. This behaviour constitutes irresponsible or even childish thinking and action.

Now that an agreement has been arrived at, the Opposition wants it to be debated in Parliament before sanctioning the measures. This can only cause further delay. Is this a bid to overthrow the Government? How can the country move forward when its leaders are so callous, confused and childish?

The Opposition does not always mean 'stopping' what is proposed, but rather that ideas should be thought through, amended and justified, and then move on without cussing and fighting.