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Published:Wednesday | February 20, 2013 | 12:00 AM

The Government has decided to draw down $11.4 billion a year from the NHT to fund its $15.9 billion tax package. Do you think this move by the Government was ill-advised?

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The new government is putting on more and more pressure on civilians. What about the minimum wage payers who are paying NHT?

- Soniel Startastic Mclaughlin

I don't know how we going to manage for the next four years. It sad.

- Alton Wang Peng Johnson

That's not what NHT money is for. If NHT has surplus money then use it for its intended purpose, which is to provide housing for the working people of Jamaica. We already pay 25 per cent of salary to fund the government, use it wisely and give proper account for it.

- Jackie Muschette

That was the last safety net we had. That was a wrong move. I could understand using that money for natural disaster but not for government mismanagement.

- Kwamie Turner

Jamaica is still in a premature stage as a nation. If the Jamaican government is not careful, it will send Jamaica in an unrest.

- George Thomas

They are taking and borrowing money and i'm not hearing any investment being made by the government.

- Ruel Porter

Oh, here's an idea ... how about a wage cut and then a freeze on MP salaries?

- Irie Daughter

It is not the Government's money to take when they feel like, it's the contributor's money.

- William Williamson

Yes! they can get this money but it should be considered a loan. It's the people's money. This is a coercive a dangerous move.

- Cleveland C. Anderson