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Another retired cop murdered

Published:Monday | February 25, 2013 | 12:00 AM
Church members and residents gather at retired Deputy Superintendent of Police Denzil Boyd's home yesterday as news spread of his killing. - Norman Grindley/Chief Photographer

Nedburn Thaffe, Gleaner Writer

THE SOUNDS of multiple gunshots, followed by screeching car tyres and the cries of a weeping wife shattered the silence in the Queensborough, St Andrew, community yesterday morning.

Moments later when curious residents unlatched their gates and ventured out, it was the sight of retired Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Denzil Boyd, sprawled in the middle of the road with blood running from his body, that greeted them.

Described by residents as someone who gets along with everybody, the shooting death of the retired DSP has angered the residents and once again plunged the Jamaica Constabulary Force in mourning.

"I tried my best to save him. Every corner me tek with the vehicle fi carry him to KPH (Kingston Public Hospital), a so the car a dip," a policeman who was on the scene recounted to someone on the other end of his phone.

As news spread of his killing, members of the JCF, including Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Cornwall 'Bigga' Ford, Senior Superintendent Delroy Hewitt and Sunday morning churchgoers, arrived on the scene. A pool of blood bearing blood-soaked hundred dollar bills marked the spot where Boyd fell.

"What hurt me is how we see the big man lie dung inna the road like a dog. Them kill him like a dog," one resident who said he has known Boyd for several years told The Gleaner.

Residents say about 11:45 a.m., the retired DSP and his wife pulled up in their motor vehicle near their gate on Candlelight Crescent. The two were on their way from church.

Men waiting in vehicle

Further reports stated that shortly after they emerged from the vehicle, two men who were waiting in a motor car approached Boyd and engaged him in a brief conversation. His wife proceeded to unlock the gate and went inside.

It was said that shortly after, the men brandished firearms and shot Boyd multiple times before leaving the scene in the waiting motor vehicle.

The residents' version of events was corroborated by SSP Hewitt who heads the St Andrew South Police Division. Hewitt added that the police who responded to the shooting chased the vehicle in which the suspects were believed to be travelling in, but was unable to catch up with them.

Preliminary investigations have so far revealed that the retired policeman's firearm was stolen. Detectives are, however, awaiting the outcome of further probes to establish a motive.

Yesterday in a release, Police Commissioner Owen Ellington condemned the killing, calling it a "shameless, heartless and senseless act".

He assured Boyd's family that no effort would be spared in the quest to bring his killers to justice. The commissioner said Boyd's career in the JCF was marked by exemplary service and commitment to his country and implored anyone with information to come forward.

The Police Officers' Association, in paying tribute, said Boyd had an exemplary record in the force where he inspired many.

Boyd is the second high-ranking retired officer to have been murdered in the last five months.

His killing followed that of retired Senior Superintendent Anthony 'Tony' Hewitt, who was shot and killed in September last year when gunmen attacked him shortly after he drove into an apartment complex in St Andrew.

Minister of National Security Peter Bunting also condemned the killing of Boyd.