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Where are we heading?

Published:Thursday | February 28, 2013 | 12:00 AM


TIME SEEMS to change a lot and we are not mindful of the tremendous changes which have occurred over time. The black man seems to have lost his way as it relates to taking orders from those who mistreats us and apprehend us in chattel slavery.

Here comes this black man from the queen's country to tell us how to govern our country under the monarchy. We are not fools, we are not idiots, we know what we want in our way forward in this new dispensation.

In Black History Month a black man is trying to convince us to continue to take orders from the queen whom we barely get any answers from concerning Privy Council matters. He is an integral part of the legislative arm of David Cameron's government. Our criminals rot in jail from their constant lack of cases heard over sustained periods.

dismiss him

We want an independent appellate court where we can see where our tax dollar is going. Shaun Bailey cannot come here just to tell us how this great country of ours is to be run. We certainly are going to dismiss him in the name of ignorance.

With all that our fallen soldiers have fought for, is it going to be for nothing? If we fall to this one, we will be eternally responsible and should be held culpable for our misdoing.

There won't be anyone to blame but ourselves. All the freedom fighters that have fought unceasingly for our present serenity and dignity would have been betrayed by the same people of another generation. The people want the true champions to champion their cause.


Greater Portmore