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Published:Thursday | February 28, 2013 | 12:00 AM

Do you think the police would prevent more murders if they were quicker to respond to distress calls?

Yes! They are too lazy and not taking complaints seriously!


It's difficult at times for them to respond because the Government has not equipped them with sufficient resources to do so.

- @crazy_zinga

Yes, murders could be prevented but sometimes they work at their own pace, neglecting their roles in society.

- @rebelsamie

Police don't prevent crimes, they investigate crimes. Only people can prevent crimes or murders.

- djsirvivor

They would definitely prevent more murders if they responded quickly to distress calls.

- @djfreshremixes

I think the police are too corrupt, they spend more time on corruption than trying to help people.

- @Ia1523Michael

Yes! They need to know how to react to these responses better and stop treating the distress calls as pranks or just paranoid people.

- NiKi_NeiTes

Yes, murders and other crimes as well. The response time of the JCF is disgustingly slow, IF they even show up.

- @lisseer

It is disgraceful, all this running around they have people desperately in need of help doing! Some murders can be prevented!

- @candicenewman01

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