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Blu Grass in the Sky no more - Band changes its name to SkyGrass, releases music video

Published:Saturday | March 2, 2013 | 12:00 AM
SkyGrass, formerly Blu Grass in the Sky. - File

There's a lot in the cards for SkyGrass for 2013, with their first album set to launch later this year and the music video for their second single, titled Dusty Shoes, set to premiere.

The video was directed by Canadian film director/photographer Danielle DaSilva (who has shot celebrities such as Noreaga, Rich Kidd, Beenie Man and Drake) and produced by host and documentarian Christina Benjamin.

The song, which is a ballad about the journeys people travel through life, inspired the film-making duo of Benjamin and DaSilva to travel across the island to capture "a day in the life" of the Jamaican people.

"It seemed fitting that the video would showcase the lives of real people - the song is something that anyone can relate to - it's real, it's journey music," said Benjamin.

"Filming the video happened very organically; everywhere we travelled with our cameras things just magically happened. There's so much beauty in this island, in the stories of Jamaica's people - the true, beautiful stories we gathered make up this stirring and ruggedly stunning video," said DaSilva.

Video premiere

The video premiered on Thursday, with a behind-the-scenes feature of stories gathered on popular Facebook page and website

The band, more popularly known as Blu Grass in the Sky, recently underwent a name change to SkyGrass.

According to lead singer Simon Samuel, the change was a positive move for the band which is planning the release of its first album in April and is in talks with international booking agents.

"The new name still represents the same ideals. To us, it is a metaphor that speaks to the universal principle of oneness. As it is above, so it is below, the heaven and the earth, the black and the white, the roots reggae and the high-energy rock or dancehall music all exist in one divine symphony," said Simon.